The dreams are always dreams. Even after realized. There are no dreams more important than others. The ability to dream and believe in something is what makes us unique.


  1. Balloon ride in Myanmar
  2. Live the intensity of Istanbul
  3. Try to make myself romantic in Bruges
  4. Go to New Zealand just because is very far away
  5. Do the Route 66
  6. Go to Transylvania
  7. Backpacking in South America
  8. Get Lost in Translation in Japan
  9. Feel the Rio de Janeiro Carnival
  10. Write in the Trans-Siberian
  11. Learn to dance tango in Buenos Aires
  12. Take ferry boats between in the islands of Caribbean
  13. See the stars in the Atacama Desert

Festivals & Music

  1. SXSW
  2. Burning Man
  3. Coachella
  4. Glastonbury
  5. “A Perfect Circle” Concert
  6. Sziget
  7. Boom Festival
  8. Cannes Lions
  9. Web Summit
  10. Milhões de Festa
  11. Oktoberfest

(to be continued)

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