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5 things you must see in Mostar, Bosnia

We arrived when it was already night. Maybe because the GPS had only the main roads, we’ve been driving round and round to get to the street of our Hostel.We went on a random street and there it was, Guesthouse Stari Grad. We arrived and met a very cute lady, who although did not speak a word of English, melted us with sympathies. We managed to understand that she was trying to say that the fountain gave drinking water and we could drink there, she offered us juice berries, complained about the heat … a pleasant conversation in “bosniantuguese”.

Quickly we left our stuff at this small studio nicely arranged for just 40 €. In the studio could perfectly stay 4 people. It would have been very cheap if we were not just two. It is 5 minutes walk from the old town and we went for dinner there. The owner of the hostel, who spoke English, advised us to go to Babilon or Teatar but we have not found it so we chose the Bella Vista for the amazing views that had for the bridge.

There is a mystique in the air, low light, a feeling of being somewhere in medieval times and the fantasy that I am a princess and this is my kingdom. It’s really wonderful to see this area at night and wander the empty streets with no particular destination. By day, the hype is another. There are groups of tourists, tourists couples … tourists in general. Ordinary, given the beauty that can be found here.

5 that you can’t miss out in Mostar

#1 – Stari Most or Old Bridge

On this bridge you can see several jumping festivals, such as Red Bull Cliff Diving. The 24m tall imposes some respect. From what I understand there are not many tourists adventuring in take the jump. To jump you should take a course given by locals. I did not have the courage.

2015-07-14 13.21.06-1


2015-07-14 12.47.44

#2 – Old town & Grand Mosque

Roam the streets and see the traditional shops in the historic area is quiet and very nice. In the Mosque is possible to go to the minaret and have a privileged view of the bridge and the entire historic district. Next to the mosque is a small garden where I advise taking pictures because the frame with the bridge is perfect. As we are of course Portuguese, we entered behind some people … but is supposed to pay to be there.

2015-07-14 12.32.56

#3 – Neretva River

Go to Mostar and not to wet your foot on the frozen river, it’s almost like not have been there. My will was diving. It’s an overly beautiful sight not to absorb the atmosphere and seize the moment. The prospect from the bottom view of the bridge shows its grandeur and magnificence.

2015-07-14 13.20.22

#4 – Urban Art

Because in every town with historical center, there is also a modern face that appears surreptitiously. The city grows around its center and this is where people live, where children go to school, where there are workers of all kinds that have nothing to do with tourism, where there are also schools and hospitals. It is here that you can also find more contemporary art. You must seek and is only with an watchful eye that some urban art will appear. If it’s something that interests you, dig in the neighborhoods around the center. Walk through the city where there are sights and see details that show the life of this city.

2015-07-14 13.54.40

#5 – Dam outside the city

On the way to Sarajevo and because I didn’t dive in the center of Mostar, we found a place where nature was virgin and devoid of tourists. Some local plunged happily, so we feel it was safe. I confess that my fear of stepping on a mine after reading a lot about the fact that there are still landmines in Bosnia was big but since there were people risked 🙂 It was a refreshment of the mind, a time when I did not think in anything. For a moment, I felt small in the infinite and immeasurable water and haughty landscape.

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