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You don’t visit Paris. You feel Paris.

The person who motivated me to go on this journey in the last hours that was in Paris, wanted to feel the city. Look to the city close to the Seine River. Just that.

This time I felt. I looked. I saw more.

I did not just go to the mandatory tourist sites. I did not just go from point to point to scratch my list of things done in life. I stopped. I beheld.

Sometimes that’s what we are missing. Spending time to absorb the path and environment. We want to run and see everything that we must see because everybody sees the same. We see nothing.

We walked a lot. We went through endless avenues and alleys full of Parisian glamour. We sat down in the garden stools, we entered into boulangeries lost among less touristy neighborhoods, we went out at the sassy night, we left the cold caress our cheek. We were French for brief hours. Laughed in emblematic squares and found the magic at nightfall in the city. We were from Paris unintentionally. We did not see the Mona Lisa. We saw the captivating essence of smiles of the people we had the opportunity to cross with. We saw so much.

Soon I will explain the trip in detail. For now I’m just spreading the happiness that still throbs in me to have had a different end-of-week for a small price, with wonderful people and a bright city.

Is not only Paris that we should feel. Is all cities where we are. We should live more the places. We should feel the splendor of its existence.

Appreciate the way. In Paris and in life. 🙂

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  • MissLilly

    Having worked in Paris for a bit totally understand what you’re saying. Paris is a place to be enjoyed not just to tick boxes. For a few years now im more interested in visit less places but get a good vibe of the city from a local point of view 🙂

    27 January, 2016 at 20:43 Reply

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