10 places to eat Pizza in Lisbon.

Hangover means Pizza.

Probably also Coke. At least for me. The truth is that I need pizza all the time because I love Italian food. I never get bored. I always want more. My mother complains. “Daughter, you’re always eating junk food, aren’t you? Pizzas, pasta and these stuff?”. Of course it is not always. Only when I can’t.

I don’t love to cook. I don’t like it. I’ve tried, believe me. Doesn’t gives me pleasure. Due to this chronic problem, I discovered the home delivery pizzerias and tried a few usually when I wake up after late nights that ends already with the sunlight in the sky.

These are just some of the places where I had the opportunity to go and taste the pizzas. I can’t say that are the best places because I didn’t go to all pizzerias and didn’t try all the existing pizzas that they have. That would take years 😉 Lacks some classical spots but the truth is that I have not been there yet. Maybe one day 😉

1- Davito, Penha de França

Near my house is Davito where I ordered in the recent months, without exaggerating about 10 times the four cheese pizza. The delivery boy already knows me. It is even shameful. Incredibly I do not have any photos.

2- Pizzaria Luzzo, Avenida da Liberdade

Here, my favorite is the Siffredi. Although I have already tasted several that delighted me. With a prime location, it is a great place when we want to gather a large group at the long table at the entrance.

luzzo 1

luzzo 2

3- Cantina Baldracca, Mouraria

In the area that gets reborn day after day and where is trendy to go out now, there is a small place where extraordinary pizzas live. The one that fills me up is the Il monster that is really spicy. The carbonara is also a great choice.

cantina baldracca

4- Fiamma D’Oro, Bairro Alto

You can kill me now: I love banana in the pizza. Yes…pineapple too. I like the mix of the sweet with salty. I loved the Pizza Tropicale . For the more traditional ones there are lots of options and is perfect for those days that you want to go to Bairro Alto and start the evening in a modern décor place without spending a lot. In this way you will be able to continue the night bar hopping.


5- Zero Zero, Príncipe Real

I had the opportunity to try 5 different pizzas the last time I went to this pizzeria that recently opened in one of the coolest avenues of the city. The Pugliese was the one I enjoyed the most. The combination of ricotta with ham, egg and parmesan delighted me. The space is very interesting in an aesthetic level and in the back is included as part of the Botanical Garden.


6- Casanova, Santa Apolónia

A classic. The place where we make random friends due to the layout of the tables in community tone. Its location by the river is an advantage. I love the fichi and ham pizza. I think they don’t have it all the time because it is a fruit of season but it is worth trying to ask.

7- Pizza a Pezzi, Príncipe Real

The pizzas are from the same group as Casanova but have the peculiarity of being sold according to weight. This concept is something you see a lot in Rome and I personally like a lot because I don’t eat much and here I end up paying only what I consume. Except the days I have more eyes than belly. I like the possibility to choose where I eat. Sometimes in the Principe Real Garden or the Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara.

pizza à pezzi 1

pizza a pezzi 2

pizza a pezzi 3

8- Capricciosa, Carcavelos

Here maybe the location speaks louder than the rest. I love to see the sea in winter. I am one of those people who calms down with the sea and I think it’s a great choice coming here when I’m with this mood.


9- In Bocca al Luppo, Príncipe Real

I really enjoyed the service and the fact that we stayed on the table just near the Pizzaiolo. I loved the Caprese. The pizza base is extra thin.

in bocca al lupo

10- Tavola Calda, Algés

Here my choice goes to one type of pizza that is often disregarded and should not. The calzone. The one I liked most was the Etna.


Photo Credits: my photos and some from my colleagues in zomato.

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