5 tips to travel with your grandparents.

You’re as old as you feel.
I have always lived with my grandparents. Only with them. Three in a house. For a long time they looked after me. Hour after hour. When they could have some rest in their lives, they used to woke up early to make me breakfast, pick me at lunch to eat homemade food and waited eternities for my gymnastics workout to end. Every day. Then I moved city to go to college and I already live in Lisbon far too long away from them. It’s been almost 14 years since I live here. Almost as many years as I lived in Loulé.

It was time to give back.

My grandfather for many years used to say that he had a great sorrow of never having gone to Azores. I thought that if it was not right now, in the future would be harder. So, I bought a trip to offer them in Christmas. I took advantage of the promotions of Ryanair. After spending money on the trip, they had to go. And it was like that 🙂 After 25 years without going in a plane, my grandfather was up for the challenge.

And thus, I had my first family vacation. Grandparents and granddaughters! At 30!



Tip # 1 – Choose a hotel with Lift

Very important. Unfortunately, the locomotion of my grandfather is deteriorating with each passing day. The most active person I knew, who would not stop a minute, hardly walks now. So it was very important to check if the hotel had a lift to minimize his effort.

Tip # 2 – Always have water and a package of cookies

When we are young we do not think a lot about these things. If we get hungry, we can starve. If there is no water, we drink later. In this case things can’t be like that. It is important to always have food and water in case of need.

Tip # 3 – Book restaurants

The younger ones can skip meals or eat later. When we are older, our bodies have routines. In addition we take medications. It is important to always take the medicines at the correct time. We need to know the medication of our grandparents and at what time should be taken.

Tip # 4 – Be vigilant

avô nas furnas


You always have to be careful. In the case of children we must beware because they do not they know what  are doing. In the case of older people they know what  are doing but they do not want believe they are no longer capable of certain things. I had to say many times to my grandparents not to go close to the edge, that the ground was slippery and that the suitcase was too heavy and that I should be the one to carry it. Always being watchful is important.

Tip # 5 – Give them lots of kisses and hugs

There is nothing better than the pampering of our grandparents. This is the best time to remind us all that they gave us and give them lots of kisses, hugs and show them how important they are to us. We live our lives in the everyday rush and sometimes we forget the most beloved people in our life.



Is there a cutest thing than this?

  • Hide In My Suitcase

    This is a very sweet post! Well done!

    22 January, 2016 at 22:20 Reply
    • acrushon

      I’m glad that you liked 🙂 🙂

      27 January, 2016 at 0:04 Reply
  • Jojo

    That is the sweetest thing! The whole buy-the-ticket-so-they-have-to-go is a trick I use on my parents =D Your grandparents are adorable! Especially the close up for your grandpa. I love everything about this post haha and my grandpa is the exact same way. Always feelings like he is the strongest person in the world. Some times, the best thing to do is to let them still believe them and need a little “help” sometimes.

    By the way, you look younger than 30!

    22 January, 2016 at 2:43 Reply
    • acrushon

      Thank you so much for your compliment 😉 Now I feel like 20 again 🙂 Grandparents are the best in the world 🙂

      27 January, 2016 at 0:04 Reply

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